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Turn your shower into a spa…

When you are building or renovating your home, you will be planning which features you want to include. Do you look for features that are energy efficient, luxurious and practical? Ones that make you feel good and only take a small amount of your time so you will enjoy using them on a daily basis? Relax-A-Mist® steam equipment is all of this and more!

Unwind and relax after work, sports, or exercising, in your own luxurious steam bath with all of its refreshing and healthful benefits. Enveloped by warm moist steam, fatigue and tension in your body dissolve into the mist and are washed away.

Complete your bathroom with a Relax-A-Mist® steam generator and turn your ordinary shower into your private steam room, ready for your personal enjoyment at a moment’s notice.



Models SG-9,14,18,23,27,36

Finish: Chrome
Custom Finishes (Please call for more details.)
Controls: Dual Temperature Controls
Digital Programmable Timer
Auto Flush
Drain Control Systems Included

Price Sheet – Commercial Generators 2011.pdf (60K)
Price Sheet – Commercial Accessories 2011.pdf (50K)

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