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Harvia Woodburning stoves

Finnish sauna bathing pleasure decade after decade.

Ample heat and enjoyable moments rich in atmosphere! Harvia’s woodburning stoves are manufactured with 60 years of experience. The strong roots are present in Harvia’s range of woodburning stoves, which combine traditional sauna bathing with modern day design and materials.

Development has brought modern materials, elegant design and easy usability to Harvia’s stoves. More economical and environmentally friendly usability is part of Harvia’s concept of taking the environment into consideration.

Stoves for small saunas (6–13 m³)

Stoves for medium-sized saunas (8–24 m³)

Stoves for large saunas (10–50 m³)

Pipes and chimneys

You can find a compatible, stylish and easy-to-install chimney solution for woodburning stove, fireplace, iron stove or other similar stove that use solid fuel from the wide product range of Harvia.

With the smoke pipes you can easily connect stove to the chimney solution.

Protective sheaths and beddings

The safety distance of the stove can be made considerably shorter by means of a protective sheath. Using a protective sheath also gives you more freedom to design the sauna bench section.

It’s extremely important to protect the floor underneath the stove. If the safety distance requirements are not fulfilled, you must use the Harvia protective bedding.

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